Warranty Letter

Limited Warranty

This warranty applies to all Yarich Products. “Yarich Technovation LLP” warrants that it will repair or replace free of cost any product that proves to have a defect in material or functioning during the time period of effectiveness of this limited warranty, provided that initial inspection and start-up of the installation are conducted by qualified personnel. Any parts or equipment that the purchaser / owner claims to be defective must be returned to “Yarich Technovation LLP”. Repair or replacement will be made upon examination, inspection and testing by “Yarich Technovation LLP”, if the part is determined to be defective under normal use.

Time limitations of Limited Warranty

This coverage shall become effective from twelve (12) months from the date of Invoice.

Owner’s Responsibilities Under The Limited warranty.

  • All Yarich products will operate in accordance with their published specifications for the duration
    of the Warranty Period
  • Any costs incurred as the result of the removal or reinstallation of the Products or Systems
    undertaken by the Owner or the Owner’s representative.
  • Any administrative costs borne by the Owner or the Owner’s representative as a result of a
    warranted failure.
  • To return all defective product to “Yarich Technovation LLP” please refer our Return Policy
    available on website.

Obligation Under the Limited warranty.

  • Failure resulting from improper handling, storage or installation.
  • Failure resulting from Owner or operator abuse or neglect.
  • Failure resulting from modifications or repairs not authorized by “Yarich Technovation LLP”.
  • Failure attributed to abnormal voltage or current levels.
  • Failure of Owner to provide written notice and details of a defect to “Yarich Technovation
    LLP”. in a timely manner.
  • “Yarich Technovation LLP” shall not be responsible for any contingent costs related to failure
    of the Product, including damage to property and loss of use of property.

Return Of Products under limited warranty

Please refer our Return Policy before returning any material back to Yarich Technovation LLP.