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Good food, good mood! is all about being happy. Our journey began with a quest for irresistible food products, followed by relentless exploration to bring them to life. Whether it’s the desire for yummy chocolates or the post-meal joy of mukhwas “An Indian Traditional mouth freshener”, we cater to all cravings. Every ingredient in our mouthwatering offerings and nutritious mukhwas is passionately crafted, resulting in exclusive flavours that leave a lasting impression and taste. This is just the beginning, the BEST is yet to come!!

Cappuccino Crunch

Paan Delights

Dates & Almond

Coco Crunch


Mukhwas is an Indian traditional mouth freshener crafted by the owner with her specific ingredients that are healthy and don’t contain supari. Her recipe includes fennel seeds, coriander speeds, jeshthmadh, ajwain, rock salt to name a few.

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  • UV Led Technology to attract the Mosquitos
  • Photo catalyst reaction with UV leds to trap the Mosquitos
  • Natural dehydration process to wipe out mosquitos.


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