Customer Questions: FAQ

Q. How do I claim warranty?
A. Please refer our warranty policy published on website ( for any warranty claims.

Q. Does UV light affect humans?
A. No. Definitely not, the LED are UV-A specific and more for insect trap application and safe for (human)usage.

Q. What happens to the trapped mosquito?
a. The mosquitos die by natural dehydration process without leaving any sound or stains. The container with dehydrated mosquitoes can be emptied into thrash.

Q. How can I clean the container?
A. Please follow the instruction specified in the user manual. The tray can be rotated anticlockwise. Being plastic it can be wiped by wet cloth. Ensure that is it dry enough before assembling it. Match the dot on tray & housing & rotate in clockwise direction.

Q. Where should it be placed for effective use?
A. Please place the product at one-meter height. Avoid putting it under light source. Please follow instructions attached along with the product. The product works at best if it is placed in dark area or room.

Q. What is the power consumption of the product?
A. Being Led product, the power consumption is less than 3 watts (even a normal led tube light consumes 16Watts)

Q. For how much time the machine should be kept on?
A. Being low in power consumption, product can be kept on 24 hrs.

Q. What is the life of the product?
A. The product can work effectively for more than 25000 continuous burning hours at rated voltage & standard operating conditions.

Q. Is the product shock proof?
A. The product is made in high quality engineering plastic & hence it is electric shock proof. However, enough care should be taken while handling the cable.